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 In the Garden:


Have you ever had a Russian Oxheart tomato?  How about a San Diego Paste tomato?  There are a world of heirloom vegetable plants not available at your local garden supply store!  Visit us soon to take home a variety of heirloom plants and seeds for your home garden perfect for delicious fresh meals and pulling off your shelf in the winter as a canned good. 

The makings of salsa

The makings of salsa

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October 7

Picking the last of the tomatoes is a little melancholy, but there are still plenty of cold weather vegetables to keep our spirits up.  Cabbage, broccoli, lettuce, chard, kale and spinach are on our menus, both for canning and cooking events.  The herb gardens are beautiful, bountiful with basil, lavender, oregano, cilantro and more.  Our shelves are filling with grape jellies, apples and soups, all available to you for a delicious meal at home.


August 17  We had a big day yesterday canning corn, beans, cabbage and tomatoes.  Our freezer is filled with fresh fruit, pesto and sweet coleslaw for our winter classes and catering.  Taste testing at the Cannery is always encouraged!  A variety of salsas have been a hit, made with fresh corn, tomatoes, cabbage and even peaches.  Current favorites:  Rum Peaches and Savory Marinara Sauce.

July 10 Rain, beautiful rain!  Our sustainable watering system filled up with the storm this afternoon! This morning we replanted spinach, lettuce, cucumbers and beans for a late summer crop.  We picked beans and cucumbers to can tomorrow.  Our shelves are beginning to fill with jellies, dilly beans and soon, sweet and hot peppers and relishes.

June 30  The garden is in full swing!  We have red tomatoes, cucumbers, beans and zucchini in addition to many other vegetables and herbs.  Strawberry season finished and black raspberries are ripe for picking.  Our classes now include pickling and pressure cooking in addition to jams, jellies and fruit butters, all created with fresh produce from the farm.  Come visit us for a tour or a class soon!

July Garden Pictures:

 July 11, 2011 CucumbersJuly 10, 2011.2July 10, 2011 PeppersJuly 10, 2011 SunflowersJuly 10, 2011 TomatoJuly 10, 2011


June Garden

The Glass Rooster Cannery offers community garden plots starting Spring of 2011.  For more information, email




After rototilling the ground we seeded a radish overcrop.  The radish will grow to cut down on weeds and be tilled in the Spring to provide nutrients for summer crops.

We planted garlic in the community garden to be harvested in Fall 2011.


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