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Date(s) - 01/16/2018
6:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Glass Rooster Cannery


Most people consider how to preserve food long term to be a mystery, yet every day they eat food that comes from a can. Unveil the mystery! There are two types of canning: water bath canning and pressure canning. Each is used for different types of canned goods. This class teaches the safety and science behind water bath canning and is great for beginners.

Water bath canning is a less time consuming type of canning that can be used for a variety of canned goods. Products that water bath canning are used for include jellies, jams, preserves, pie fillings, pickles, and sauerkraut.  All supplies are provided in the class, but if you want to do this at home all you need is a large pot, jars with appropriate lids and rings, a jar lifter, and the food that is to be canned.

Learn the tricks to making shelf stable products to fit your family’s tastes and needs without using preservatives. Taste a variety of home-canned products and walk away with confidence, knowledge and a jar of product!


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