Glass Rooster Cannery

Inside the Kitchen

Please join us for single classes or a series of classes focused on using fresh, local ingredients. Perfect for “locavores” or those looking to incorporate sustainable practices into their own kitchens and meal plans.



Three Part Series: Breads, Pasta and Pizza

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What could be better than the sweet smell of homemade bread in your kitchen?  Learn no-fail techniques for a variety of breads, pasta and pizza created the way your family will love
to eat them.  In three evenings we explore bread making, variety pasta and pizza baking.  Each evening finale is the meal we create and eat from the technique we learn.

Healthy Carbs: Bread without Preservatives

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We pull it off the shelf near every time we go to the grocery store, but do we know what is in it? Baking bread is quick and easy when you know the secrets.  Let’s make, bake and eat bread together, learning easy no-fail techniques you will want to repeat regularly at
home.  Each participant makes a self-designed loaf while learning how to create new recipes.


Hors d’oeuvres for Dinner

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The great thing about hors d’oeuvres is the impressive variety.  Let’s make a meal of an
eclectic display of appetizers, complete with refreshments.  Bring a friend to this class or meet someone new; you will have plenty to talk about between rich aromas in the air and bite
sized morsels melting with flavor in your mouth.



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